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Our Contributors

Company of Angels would like to thank our funders and contributors for their generous support.

Institutional Supporters
Individual Donors

Anne & Jim Mahoney

Kiki & David  Gindler

Alejandro Patino

Malik Burroughs

Jimmy Shomof

Tracy Scott Wilson

Maria Cabildo

Adela Carrasco

Yolanda Chavez

David Diaz

Martin & Donna Maeda

Lynn Jeffries

Esther O Nichols

Gregory Ramos

Henry AJ Ramos

Bailey Brown-McCray

Nancy Berglass & Ricky Bluthenthal

Eric Castleblanco

Jose & Cory Gonzalez

Pat & Rosie Cochran

Natalie Kern

Catherine Kurland

Lisa Loomer & Joe Romano

James Molina

Gerald McGrory

Avra Rose

Rebecca Strickland

Rafael Lopez Barrantes

Paula Donnelly

Ginger Holguin

Liz Selzer-Lang

Christian Nova

Rhett Rossi

Gilbert Salazar

Elia Saldana & Xavi Moreno

Anita Shah

Patricia Garza

Joe Feldman

Forrest Hartl

Rena Heinrich

Howard Ho

Tamsin Hughes

Patricia Nava

Penny Peyrot

Briana Marin

Silvia Tovar

Mark Valdez

Connecting with you at one of our shows is our favorite way of receiving your patronage however ticket sales only cover a small portion of our work. We welcome your generosity and thank you for taking part in supporting new talent and holding creative space for all of Los Angeles.