- Armando Molina |  Artistic Director

novemeber 12, 2017

'This Land' is whose land?

october 18, 2017

Evangeline Ordáz “This Land” Explores L.A.’s History of Gentrification

october 13, 2017

WOW! This Land - Stage Scene L.A

may 6, 2015

Richard Azurdia Does Shakespeare. He Does West Side Story. He Does Netflix

june 3, 2011

Evangeline Ordaz Walks the Borders Between Art and Community

december 7, 2009

An Eerie Theatre Space Adds Mystery to The Ghost Building

october 14, 2009

Company of Angels Turns 50

november 1, 2017

“This Land”: A street in Watts, way back when, then and now

october 14, 2017

Recommended (Top Ten!) This Land - Stage Raw

september 17, 2017

Company of Angels Debuts THIS LAND by Evangeline Ordaz

november 6, 2012

When Their Eyes Saw Rain, They Took Action

july 13, 2010

Playwright Henry Ong Weaves Fabric of Immigrant Lives

december 5. 2009

A Real Ghost Story

OCTOBER 12, 2009

Company of Angels Celebrates 50 Years of “Trekking” New Theatre

october 18, 2017

Alumna’s personal experiences add realism to acting in ‘This Land’

october 13, 2017

“Company Of Angels” World Premiere Drama “This Land”, Was Made For You And Me.

october 13, 2017

Equity, Equality, and the Need for Evolution: The state of funding for Latinx Theatre Companies in the City of Angels

october 11, 2011

Feeling blu at Company of Angels

july 5, 2010

 “˜Fabric,’ the story of 72 Thai garment workers enslaved in El Monte, comes to the Company of Angels 

october 23, 2009

Nimoy Receives Company of Angels Awardte, comes to the Company of Angels 


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