Our Story

Founded in 1959 by a group of television and film actors that included Richard Chamberlain, Leonard Nimoy, and Vic Morrow. Company of Angels is the oldest equity waiver theatre group in the United States.

Since 1959 the philosiphy behind the first company has not changed. It’s goal is to do the best theatre possible, minimizing commercial concerns. To give actors an opportunity to practice their craft, without constraints of making money, to focus on the art itself.

In 2005 the company began to plan for its 50th Anniversary by re-assessing its history and planning for its future. This process resulted in a new mission statement that committed the Company to reflect the City of its birth through the art of theater. 

Since 1959 Company of Angels productions garnered over thirty Los Angeles Drama-Logue Awards including a special award for Continued Excellence, nine Back Stage West Garland Awards, eight Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle Awards (three nominations) including a special award for Distinguished Achievement, six LA Weekly Theatre Awards (three nominations), six NAACP Theatre Awards (four nominations), eleven LA Stage Alliance Ovation Awards & five Dimension Robby Awards nominations.


& Vision

Honoring our history as the oldest non-profit professional equity waiver theater in Los Angeles, Company of Angels produces theater that reflects and responds to the richness, diversity, and complexity that is our city. Our Company of diverse theater artists fosters mutual learning partnerships with the residents of Los Angeles through artistic development opportunities, community building enterprises, and life experiences. Company of Angels develops emerging artists, creates new work, and re-envisions theater to entertain new audiences and serve the City of Angels.


Company of Angels is dedicated to creating theater that is deeply connected to its community. We aim to share and help give voice to the many stories that exist in our community. With a collective of Actors, Directors, Playwrights, Designers, and Administrators, our company forges ongoing and meaningful relationships with the residents of Los Angeles.

Our Theatre

For the past 5 years we have presented our work nomadically, and we loved it, but, we craved a black box theatre; a simple performance space, with the flexibility to create a stage in any part of the room. After years of searching, we've found a space east of the river in the historic neighborhood of Boyle Heights. A 1950's U.S. Army armory/warehouse space with high ceilings, no pillars, and plenty of parking. 

We need real spaces to make unreal things happen - to not only support the work of Company of Angels but the work of our community partners like Legacy L.A, who provide programming to youth and families living in the Ramona Gardens neighborhood and surrounding communities. We're creating a theatre that we know the community will love to play in - a concrete, committed space that is accessible, that is equipped, that is available.  We have begun a journey to create this space and invite you to be part of the process. 

“the finest small theatre company in Los Angeles”

- Los Angeles Times


Theatre: 1350 San Pablo St, Los Angeles, CA 90033

Mail: P.O Box 3480, Los Angeles, CA 90078

Phone: ‪(323) 475-8814‬

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