Performances on Claiming Identity & Presence in LA
Youth Declaring Their Resolve for Advancement
Realizing the Power & Hope in Inner-City Youth
Xavi Moreno

SPOKEN MOVEMENT is a movement for the unheard voices of inner-city youth who like myself fell hostage to the juvenile system, education system, and are finding a means to express themselves and survive through the arts. I am testimony to the positive power that the word and stage can unearth in youth who have been pushed out from schools, into gangs, inside jails and out to tell their story under the spotlight and beyond it’s boundaries. 

– Xavi Moreno, Spoken Movement Producer

Over a series of workshops led by some of Los Angeles’ leading spoken word artists, inner-city youth develop their unique voice and create works of spoken word, dance and theater that incorporate themes of violence, drugs, equality, peace, freedom, unity, change, family, culture, language, social justice & love.

Spoken Movement is our commitment to support, develop and produce work by Angeleno youth whose work address the fundamental issues of vulnerable, urban communities and where struggles are transformed into assets.