Ever since I saw the iconic photograph of the Group Theater’s production of “Waiting for Lefty” with the actors on stage with raised fists and audience members on their feet mirroring the actors, I have felt that theater can and should move us to such heights of feeling and passion. I believe that this form of populist theater is by definition accessible, one that is simple yet profound. A profundity that sheds light on an aspect of our life in America today thus leading to a greater understanding of ourselves and each other. Our version of populism requires that we engage within the community we serve by creating stories with members of our community for the residents of Los Angeles. 

It has been my pleasure to partner and work with a dedicated team who help run and play with CoA. We reflect the city we reside in. We believe that the artists (established or otherwise) we work with bring her/his unique perspective and fresh aesthetic that builds the cultural character of CoA. We are dedicated to everyone having a seat at our table and listening to everyone’s voice. Company of Angels has, in its very name, the mandate to represent, reflect and respond to the phenomena that is Los Angeles in all its multi-ethnic, multi-national, multi-lingual, multi-gendered glory.

– Armando Molina, Artistic Director